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 What is a Nutritional Assessment?

A nutritional assessment is an in-depth evaluation of your medical history, lab work values, height, current weight, current diet and lifestyle habits. After collecting and organizing the data, a dietitian can assess, evaluate and determine your current nutritional status. The analyzed assessment then leads to a plan of care (intervention) that is designed to help you maintain your current status or reach a healthier nutritional status. An initial nutritional assessment is conducted in the beginning and then quarterly to see where you are in reaching your nutritional goals.

What Does Nutritional Status Mean?

Nutritional status refers to the condition of your body as a result of the balance between nutrient intake, absorption and use of nutrition, and the influence of disease-related factors in the process of growth, reproduction and health maintenance. This process is highly complex and very individualized.

What is the Purpose of a Nutritional Assessment?

An assessment of nutritional status is imperative to meeting your goals for optimal health. Nutrition is an important part of everyday life, which means nutritional status changes can have a crucial impact on your short-term and long-term health.

Bottom Line

A well-designed nutrition program begins with a complete and thorough nutritional assessment. It will determine what and how much you can eat to reach your weight loss, weight gain or weight management goals.

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